Market Commentary For 12/14/2020

Daily commentary for U.S. broad market indices.

What Happened: Alongside optimism surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine and stimulus talks, U.S. index futures auctioned higher overnight.

What Does It Mean: During last week’s trade, U.S. index futures auctioned to new all-time highs, before moving back into balance.

For the remainder of the week, participants accepted lower prices until Friday’s session established minimal excess lows, broke into prior poor structure, and ended the technical downtrend. 

Since Friday’s session found responsive buying surface at a key technical level (i.e., the high-volume node near $3,630.00 and 20-day simple moving average), buyers extended range through the $3,667.75 high-volume node, the most positive outcome.

What To Expect: In light of the overnight gap higher, the following frameworks apply for today’s trade.

In the best case, the auction makes an attempt to repair some of the poor overnight structure. Thereafter, buyers regain conviction and initiate back through the $3,667.75 high-volume node before continuing to at least the next high-volume node at $3,690.75, and then the prior all-time rally high.

In the worst case, if the S&P 500 auctions below $3,667.75, participants would look to whether the S&P 500 resists Friday’s range. Accepting Friday’s range (i.e., spending more than one half-hour period) may put in play the minimal excess lows near $3,625.00.

Levels Of Interest:  $3,667.75 high-volume node is the go/no-go level.

Bonus: Opportunities unfolding.

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