Daily Brief For May 3, 2021

Daily commentary for U.S. broad market indices.

Market Commentary

Index futures in balance.

  • Global markets quiet on holiday.
  • Ahead: Fed speak, employment.
  • Potential for directional resolve.

What Happened: U.S. stock index futures auctioned higher overnight. The S&P 500, Russell 2000, and Dow Jones Industrial Average are relatively strong compared to the Nasdaq 100.

Aside from earnings, key events this week include a manufacturing data release, as well as talks by Fed Chair Powell, Chicago Fed President Charles Evans, and Cleveland Fed’s Loretta Mester. The Bank of England and Bank of Australia will provide clarity on their monetary policies. Employment data will come Friday. 

Graphic updated 7:20 AM EST.

What To Expect: Monday’s regular session (9:30 AM – 4:00 PM EST) will likely open outside of prior-range and -value, suggesting the potential for immediate directional opportunity. 

Balance-Break + Gap Scenarios: Monitor for acceptance (i.e., more than 1-hour of trade) outside of the balance area. This can come in the form of sideways trade or range expansion.

Gaps ought to fill quickly. Should they not, that’s a signal of strength; do not fade. Leaving value behind on a gap-fill or failing to fill a gap (i.e., remaining outside of the prior session’s range) is a go-with indicator.

Auctioning and spending at least 1-hour of trade back in the prior range suggests a lack of conviction; in such a case, do not follow the direction of the most recent initiative activity.

Adding, during Friday’s regular trade, the best case outcome occurred, evidenced by sideways trade above $4,168.00, which is significant because it marked a prior session’s regular-trade low (RTH Low).

This attempt to move from balance comes after weeks of mechanical trade in the range between $4,186.75 and $4,110.50. It is likely that, given last week’s heavy economic and earnings calendar, participants have more information to initiate a directional move. 

For today, participants can trade from the following frameworks. 

In the best case, the S&P 500 trades sideways or higher; activity above $4,197.25 low-volume area (LVNode) targets the $4,205.00 VPOC. Initiative trade beyond the VPOC could reach as high as the $4,210.75 regular-trade high (RTH High), and then, the Fibonacci cluster between $4,222.50-4,237.50. 

Volume Areas: A structurally sound market will build on past areas of high-volume. Should the market trend for long periods of time, it will lack sound structure (identified as a low-volume area which denotes directional conviction and ought to offer support on any test). If participants were to auction and find acceptance into areas of prior low-volume, then future discovery ought to be volatile and quick as participants look to areas of high-volume for favorable entry or exit.

POCs: POCs (like HVNodes described above) are valuable as they denote areas where two-sided trade was most prevalent. Participants will respond to future tests of value as they offer favorable entry and exit.

In the worst case, the S&P 500 trades lower; activity below the $4,186.75 balance-area boundary targets the $4,167.25 RTH Low. Thereafter, if lower, participants should look for responses at the $4,132.00 value-area low (VAL) and the $4,110.50 minimal excess low.

Excess: A proper end to price discovery; the market travels too far while advertising prices. Responsive, other-timeframe (OTF) participants aggressively enter the market, leaving tails or gaps which denote unfair prices.
Graphic: 65-minute profile chart of the Micro E-mini S&P 500 Futures.

News And Analysis

Travel | EU pushes end to travel restrictions for vaccinated tourists. (BBG)

Markets | Ether hits $3,000 as Bitcoin’s crypto dominance declines. (BBG)

Economy | Warren Buffett sees inflation, even if Jerome Powell doesn’t. (Axios)

Markets | Demand surges for New York Fed’s reverse repo facility. (KFGO)

Markets | Abel is likely successor at Berkshire Buffett tells CNBC. (BBG)

Markets | Robinhood’s core business more than tripled in first quarter. (BBG)

Trade | Intel CEO says chip shortage will persist for couple years. (BBG)

Recovery | COVID-19 cases fall sharply in U.S., vaccinations rise. (CNBC)

Economy | Bank of Canada tapers asset purchases, while others wait. (Moody’s)

What People Are Saying

Innovation And Emerging Trends

Trading | London Metals Exchange to announce open outcry decision. (REU)

FinTech | Fintech groups form as industry scrutiny ramps on Capitol Hill. (S&P)

FinTech | Robinhood deepens ties with JPM by using bank for transfers. (CNBC)

FinTech | Digital Dollar Project to launch five U.S. central bank cryptos. (REU)

Travel | Airport security app Clear looks to score with vaccine passport. (REU)

FinTech | TradeTech INX estimates $125M raised in token, equity offer. (REU)


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