Daily Brief For June 8, 2021

Daily commentary for U.S. broad market indices.

Market Commentary

Index futures in balance.

  • News: Websites dark, new variant.
  • Ahead: Trade Balance and JOLTs.
  • Indices are volatile, trade sideways.

What Happened: U.S. stock index futures traded within range, overnight, after Monday’s wild, end-of-day price discovery. 

To note, multiple websites including the New York Times and Amazon Web Services came offline. At the same time, news of the government’s retrieval of the ransom paid to the Colonial Pipeline hackers came alongside selling in cryptocurrencies.

Ahead is the April U.S. trade balance and job openings data.

Graphic updated 7:00 AM ET.

What To Expect: On top of poor, low volume structure, the result of emotional trade in the day’s prior, Tuesday’s regular session (9:30 AM – 4:00 PM EST), in the S&P 500, will likely open just outside of prior-range and -value, suggesting a potential for immediate directional opportunity. 

Adding, during prior regular trade, the best case outcome occurred, evidenced by sideways trade above the $4,224.75 high volume area (HVNode). This area is significant because it marked a prior zone of supply.

The sideways-to-higher trade, over the past week, or so, comes alongside a continuation of the Fed’s dovish stance. As a result, traders are seeing a rotation into the technology-driven Nasdaq names, which may support a broader S&P 500 rally.

“We advocate looking through near-term market volatility and remain pro-risk, predicated on our belief that the Fed faces a very high bar to change its easy monetary policy stance,” BlackRock Investment Institute strategists led by Elga Bartsch wrote.

Further, for today, participants can trade from the following frameworks.

In the best case, the S&P 500 trades sideways or higher; activity above the $4,224.75 HVNode puts in play the all-time, rally-high at $4,238.00. Initiative trade beyond $4,238.00 could reach as high as some minor Fibonacci extensions at $4,240.75 and $4,248.00. 

Overnight Rally Highs (Lows): Typically, there is a low historical probability associated with overnight rally-highs (lows) ending the upside (downside) discovery process.

Volume Areas: A structurally sound market will build on past areas of high volume. Should the market trend for long periods of time, it will lack sound structure (identified as a low volume area which denotes directional conviction and ought to offer support on any test). 

If participants were to auction and find acceptance into areas of prior low volume, then future discovery ought to be volatile and quick as participants look to areas of high volume for favorable entry or exit.

In the worst case, the S&P 500 trades lower; activity below the $4,224.75 HVNode puts in play the $4,213.75 low volume area (LVNode). Thereafter, if lower, participants can look for responses at the $4,208.25 and $4,199.00 HVNodes.

Graphic: 65-minute profile chart of the Micro E-mini S&P 500 Futures. 
Graphic: 4-hour candlestick charts of the S&P 500 (top left), Nasdaq 100 (top right), Russell 2000 (bottom left), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (bottom right). Relative strength shifts to the Nasdaq.
Graphic: SHIFT search suggests participants were most interested in put strikes at and below current prices in the cash-settled S&P 500 Index (INDEX: SPX). On the other hand, participants were most interested in call strikes at and above current prices in the cash-settled Nasdaq 100 Index (INDEX: NDX), yesterday. This shift in interest may support a broader rally. 

News And Analysis

Politics | Amazon to be covered by global tax deal despite thin margins. (BBG)

Politics | Schumer, Pelosi face new pressure as infrastructure talks stall. (BBG)

Politics | Canada is set to ease quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers. (BBG)

Economy | Lack of homes for sale eventually curbs affordability constraints. (MND)

Markets | Commodities crunch on stingy capital spending has no quick fix. (WSJ)

COVID | Gangrene, hearing loss show new variant may be more severe. (BBG)

Climate | The U.S. must work with allies to secure electric vehicle metals. (REU)

Markets | Meme stocks quickly turning the options market upside down. (WSJ)

What People Are Saying

Innovation And Emerging Trends

FinTech | Crypto exchange is going to extreme lengths on cybersecurity. (BBG)

FinTech | Central bank digital currencies may disrupt financial systems. (Fitch)

FinTech | MicroStrategy is selling corporate bonds to buy more bitcoin. (BBG)

Banking | De-globalization of retail banking, disruption of traditional models. (Axios)

FinTech | Colonial Pipeline ransom recovery a major moment for crypto. (NYT)

Trading | London Metals Exchange pedals back on closing trading ring. (WSJ)

Technology | NY project combines solar power with high-speed broadband. (Axios)


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